Ahimsa Vegetarian Meat Floss - Natural Wheat - 130g

  • 100 Carton(s)
  • Ahimsa
  • 9555255600129
  • Crispy and light
  • Wheat
  • Handmade mushroom snack commonly known as vegetarian BBQ Meat. Naturally wood smoked.
  • 310 x 580 x 360 mm
  • 130g x 84 packets per Carton, 400 cartons per container
  • 130 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Halal Certified, HACCP Certified
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Ahimsa Vegetarian Meat Floss - Natural Wheat - 130g

Usage: Are you getting mundane with the same food all year round? What about making a whole meal with the versatile, ready-to-eat, Ahimsa's vegetarian meat floss without the meat? If you are into plant-based consumption, this is for you—an ideal vegan meat floss for most savory cuisines and snacks. Before you jump into the simple recipe incorporating vegan meat floss, here are the instructions to open the jar packaging of vegetarian meat floss. Twist-open the lid of the vegan meat floss anticlockwise. Say there is any seal on the cover of the glass jar; tear the seal using a knife or scissors. After that, scoop out the tender and crispy wheat of vegetarian meat floss using a tablespoon according to your preferred amount. Consume it as it is, or flavor it with some fusion as suggested below:

  1. Serve with porridge: To add depth to each spoonful of porridge, vegetarian meat floss savory umami flavor to the rescue. Take out a spoonful or two of the crispy meat floss and sprinkle it into the porridge to complement the creamy rice-based porridge. When the vegetarian meat floss absorbs moisture and watery porridge, its slight softening will impart astonishing flavors to the tummy.

  2. Sandwich’s filling: Instead of the old-school sweetness spread on a sandwich, try savory vegan meat floss as the filling. Spread gently on the soft sandwich with other ingredients like cheese and tomato. Toast the sandwich to give slight burning in-flame flavor.

  3. Bun’s topping: Decorate your bun with umami, naturally wood-smoked vegan meat floss topping, creating a unique twist in each bite. Its fine strands provide a slight chewiness that intrigues and pleasures the entire eating experience.

Certifications and Mentioning(s):

  1. JAKIM’s Halal certification: Vegetarian or vegan meat floss is safe for Muslims' consumption because the ingredients are sourced from clean and permissible plant based.

  2. HACCP: Vegan meat floss is a HACCP-verified food because its production process abides by the rules endorsed by HACCP, guaranteeing the vegan meat floss' quality for human ingestion without hazardous substances detected in the product. Simultaneously, the acquirement of HACCP enables vegan meat floss to be exported because it is an international-recognized cert.

  3. 100% vegetarian friendly: Vegetarian meat floss practices plant-based ingredients and sourcing to induce the spirit of Ahimsa—avoiding aggression toward animals—by replacing meat products with wheat, soy, and mushroom. In fact, vegetarian meat floss is also called vegan meat floss because it does not derive from dairy products and eggs, making it suitable for vegans.

Packaging: Vegetarian meat floss is commercialized in a large-scale order of a minimum of 100 cartons. One carton of vegetarian meat floss contains approximately 84 jars that can be filled up to a maximum of 400 cartons in a shipment container. Each vegetarian meat floss glass jar is filled to the brim with 130 grams (4.59 ounces) with a jar dimension of 31 x 58 x 36cm (12.2 x 22.8 x 14.2 inches), hygienically packed and sealed to maintain freshness. Regarding the packaging choice, the company makes the most of the advantages of employing glass jars. Apart from the airtight feature of the glass jar, it is also impervious to oxygen, moisture, and odors to protect the vegan meat floss from spoilage. It is also worth noting that the opaque glass jar can assist as a barrier against harmful UV rays because vegan meat floss should not be exposed to direct light sources that will alter its texture and taste.

Storage Instructions: Vegetarian meat floss comes in glass jar packaging that can withstand UV rays, air, and moisture from penetrating the content and ruining the overall taste. With the airtight attribute that the glass jar holds, it can last vegetarian meat floss for 12 months if kept according to storage instructions. As advised on the back packaging, store the vegan meat floss in a cool and dry place—a cupboard, pantry, or cabinet—at 24°C to 26°C (75.2°F to 78.8°F).

Vegan Meat Floss' Overview

Vegetarian meat floss (also called vegan meat floss) originated from a popular food ingredient in the history of most Asian countries' dishes. Some cultures call the vegetarian meat floss meat sung or rou song, which is typically made from meats like chicken, beef, fish, or pork. Tracing back to the recipe of meat floss in ancient civilizations, meat floss is inspired by the tenderness of shredded meats via stewing or roasting meat into fine and fluffy strands back in the day. They did this in the past to extend the shelf life of the meat because the refrigerator was not invented yet. As the features of meat floss are naturally dried when fully cooked, it will prevent spoiled conditions even when not refrigerated.

After many years have passed by, the meat floss that exists in various varieties and flavors nowadays spread to many Asian regions, including Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand. Each country alters the ingredients and cooking techniques to suit the local's palate. For example, meat floss is commonly used as a pastry filling: bread and sandwiches. In another country like Taiwan, meat floss is often used in congee—Chinese rice porridge—and steamed buns. Due to the rapid development of technology, meat floss has many flavors and variations to be incorporated into many fusion dishes and snacks.

One of the many variations of meat floss is the vegetarian meat floss produced by Ahimsa Group (sometimes called Ahimsa Vegetarian Wheat because it is made from a wheat source). The modern facility uses a machine to process the vegetarian meat floss, such as shredding it into fine strands for an efficient and consistent outcome. Due to the company's objective to strive for a plant-based food item, vegan meat floss is made of halal ingredients like soy protein, wheat, and mushroom for a delectable and crispy wheat floss.

About Ahimsa Marketing Sdn Bhd

With a manufacturing facility situated in Beranang, Selangor, Ahimsa Group was established in 1986, initially with its first restaurant called "The Cameleon." Ahimsa's food is local cuisines-inspired with a mixture of Nyonya, Chinese, Malay, and Indian styles. As the credo of eliminating violence against animals, Ahimsa incorporates plant-based ingredients in its product range to align with the definition of Ahimsa itself—the Hindu concept of practicing abstinence from harming any living creatures. Hence, Ahimsa Group produces vegetarian-friendly food items, such as frozen food, sauces, seasonings and snacks, and ready-to-eat meals crafted by chefs to deliver the best quality meals. Apart from selling products, Ahimsa Group opens several outlets in Klang Valley that everyone can enjoy without hassle during on the go. Rome wasn't built in a day, and so did the success of Ahimsa Group in making it big into exporting to foreign countries: Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The company has far achieved the result of the blood, sweat, and tears of the whole team, with constant effort in the Research and Development team to improve its products healthily, covering a wide range of choices for vegetarians. In the future, Ahimsa Group aims higher and bigger to strive to expand its products and services all around the globe.

Vegan Meat Floss' Specifications

- Brand Name: Ahimsa
- Unique meat floss with wheat flavoring
- Crispy and light wood-smoked floss
- Vegetarian and vegan friendly meat floss
- Made using wheat
- Rich in fiber
- Each jar contains 130g (4.59oz)
- Jar dimension: 31 x 58 x 36cm (12.2 x 22.8 x 14.2 inches)
- Carton packaging: 84 jars x 130g
- Amount per container: 400 cartons
- Minimum order quantity: 100 cartons
- Shelf life: 12 months (1 year)
- Storage instructions: Store in a cool and dry spot
- Attested with JAKIM's Halal & HACCP certifications
- Produced in Malaysia
- Serving suggestions: Snacks, cold dishes, sandwich, sushi, burger, and porridge

Allergens: Vegan meat floss is made from a wheat ingredient that might not suit wheat intolerance or gluten intolerance.

Vegetarian Meat Floss' Ingredient List



 · Textured Wheat Protein

 · Isolated Soy Protein

 · Sugar

 · Salt

 · Premium Soy Sauce

 · Palm Oil

 · Pepper

 · Vegetarian Seasoning Powder (permitted food flavoring)

Ahimsa's Vegan Meat Floss (Natural Wheat-Made) Food Label



Per 100g

 Energy (kcal)  

 419 kcal

 Protein (g)

 27.2g (0.96 oz)

 Total Fat (g)

 11.0g (0.388 oz)

 Saturated Fat (g)

 5.4g (0.19 oz)

 Carbohydrate (g)

 51.4g (1.81 oz)

 Sugar (g)

 5.7g (0.20 oz)

 Sodium (mg)

 1272mg (0.04 oz)


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