Oscar Wellness Re-vital Anti-ageing Drink - 20 Sachets

  • 5 Carton(s)
  • Oscar Wellness
  • Liquid
  • Mixed berries flavor
  • Control 3 Highs, Ensure Good Sleep, Promote Anti Aging, Prevent Uric Acid, Alleviate Arthritis
  • 400 x 460 x 200 mm
  • 700g x 20 boxes per Carton, 24 cartons per Pallet
  • 700 Gram
  • 18 Months
  • Halal, HACCP, MeSTI, GMP Certificate
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Oscar Wellness Re-vital Anti-ageing Drink - 20 Sachets

Usage Instruction: Experience the ultimate anti ageing drink for busy professional individuals. Re-Vital is a convenient bone and joint supplement that fights knee arthritis pain without compromising your hectic schedule. Shake, tear, and sip to enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of this powerful anti-aging juice. Reclaim your balanced diet effortlessly wherever you go. We've laid down the specifics of how to drink anti-aging juice so that you can preserve your bone health and glowing skin:

  1. Shake the sachet: Before opening the anti-aging drink sachet, gently shake it to ensure the contents are well-mixed.
  2. Tear open the sachet: Carefully tear open the sachet along the indicated tear line. Take care not to waste any of the anti-aging drinks.
  3. Sip straight from the sachet: Once the sachet is open, you can directly sip the anti-aging drink from the sachet. Hold the sachet to your mouth and slowly consume the botanical beverage.
  4. Enjoy the beauty drink: Take your time to savour the taste and enjoy the benefits of the anti ageing drink as you consume it straight from the sachet.

Certification(s) & Award(s): Customers and retailers alike have praised Oscar Wellness's anti-aging juice, and the company has been officially recognised for its success.

  1. JAKIM Halal Certification: No ingredients in anti-aging drinks are incompatible with the dietary restrictions imposed by Islam. As a result, a vegan joint supplement is acceptable for sale, service, and preparation. Muslims worldwide now have access to a reliable replacement for knee collagen thanks to the recent halal certification of anti- aging juice drink.
  2. HACCP Certificate:  The anti-ageing drink made by Oscar Wellness are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and safety standards. The accreditation was pursued for this reason. The HACCP system ensures that the anti-aging juice drink products the customer receives is of the highest quality and pose no health risks to the consumer.

  3. MeSTI Certificate:  Oscar Wellness has been certified by the nonprofit organisation MeSTI as a provider of safe and high-quality anti-aging drink products. This manufacturer's herbal drink for glowing skin has been rigorously tested and shown to comply with all applicable food safety regulations to get this certification stamp.

  4. GMP Certificate:  Good Manufacturing Practises are used to produce this anti ageing drink. The purpose of the official regulation is to enforce rigorous quality standards over the supplement's raw materials, production procedures, packaging, labelling, and distribution.

  5. Premium Imported Ingredients:  Ingredients for our remarkable anti-aging juice come from all over the world, including France, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, and the United States. Pine bark, hawthorn, melon extramel, black turmeric, sea buckthorns, artichoke, and chamomile are some premium ingredients we've handpicked to create a great bone and joint supplement. 

Packaging Information: Oscar Wellness has developed its anti-aging drink for the demands of on-the-go professions by providing it in single-serve sachets in a sturdy cardboard box. Several advantages relevant to busy professionals' daily routines are included in this packing format.

The individual sachets make it convenient for busy professionals to have their anti-aging juice on the go. The sachets are small enough to fit in a pocket, handbag, or briefcase, making them convenient to carry along whether you're dashing between meetings, taking a lengthy trip, or putting in long hours at the office. This is convenient for working individuals because they may get the revitalising effects of their botanical beverage whenever they choose.

The individual sachets take the hassle out of making the knee collagen, as no measuring or mixing is required. A sachet can be ripped open, and professional workers can immediately consume the anti ageing drink formula; no additional water or mixing is required. This helps individuals save time and effort, making fitting the berry supplement into their hectic routines easier.

Then, the anti-aging drinks are packaged in single-serve sachets to ensure their continued freshness and cleanliness. Because each sachet is individually wrapped in plastic, the herbal infusion formula will remain pure and effective until used. No reason to fret about the safety or freshness of your bone and joint supplement product, even if your business travels frequently or you don't have access to traditional containers.

Shipping Information: Woo Sisters Trading is an anti ageing drink supplier, now offering 2 shipping options for clients who want to purchase knee collagen products, which are 20ft container and LCL shipping. 

The unit cost of buying in bulk, such as a 20ft container or LCL shipment, can be reduced compared to purchasing in lesser amounts. Consumption of anti-ageing drinks can have long-term financial benefits for successful businesspeople. If they buy in bulk, they won't have to worry about running out of the anti-aging juice drink any time soon, and they can keep up their regular intake schedule. As a bonus, businesses can save time and energy by consolidating their botanical beverage product deliveries by ordering in bulk and receiving their entire order in a single shipment. Buying in bulk also allows retailers to distribute and resell knee collagen supplements, which might boost sales and exposure for their company.

Plus, shipping expenses can be cut with possible cost-sharing arrangements, making this an affordable choice. Lastly, having a sizable stockpile of the anti aging juice on hand allows business owners to exert greater influence over their supply chain, thereby improving efficiency and reducing the likelihood of stockouts.

Storage Information: Here are some tips for keeping your anti-aging juice drink fresh and tasty for as long as possible:

Keep out the bone and joint supplement of direct sunlight and other heat sources, and store the anti ageing drink in a cool, dry area. Over time, substances might lose efficacy and quality if the anti-aging juice is exposed to heat and sunshine.

Keep the anti-aging drinks in a consistent temperature environment, as temperature changes might affect the stability of the botanical beverage product. The anti-aging juice should be kept at a constant temperature to keep it in good condition.

Anti-Aging Drink Overview

Keeping your team motivated and energised in the dynamic business world is essential for success. We understand that your employees' well-being is at the core of productivity and growth. That's why we present to you our great anti-aging drink, a true elixir of vitality. Let Revital revolutionise your staff refreshment routine with a blend of rejuvenating ingredients, including mixed berries, celery seed extract, grape seed extract, pine bark, hawthorn, melon extramel, black turmeric, sea buckthorns, artichoke, and chamomile.

Re-vital's anti ageing drink goes beyond just promoting healthy skin. It serves as a cornerstone for adopting a holistic approach to wellness, empowering your team to embrace healthy habits and embark on a transformative journey. Our beauty drink's detoxifying properties help cleanse the body, aiding in weight loss and promoting quality sleep and overall well-being. Encouraging your employees to incorporate our morning drinks or herbal teas into their daily rituals will infuse their routines with vitality and support their skin care goals.

The comprehensive benefits of our anti aging juice drink extend to joint health and bone strength. Our meticulously chosen ingredients, including celery seed extract and grape seed extract, work synergistically to support arthritis and alleviate knee arthritis pain. By nourishing the body with our anti aging drinks, your staff can enhance their joint health, ensuring optimal performance and reduced discomfort throughout their busy workdays.

Revital's anti ageing drink commitment to your staff's well-being extends to affordability and convenience. Our anti-aging juice is available in easy-to-use sachets, providing a hassle-free experience for daily consumption. Whether enjoyed as a revitalising juice, a refreshing beverage mix or even added to a morning smoothie, our bone and joint supplement seamlessly integrates into their routine.

About Woo Sisters Trading

Our company, Woo Sisters Trading, is dedicated to providing the community with high-quality healthcare products at reasonable prices. Our mission is to offer excellent value and superior quality to our customers. Our company's vision is to promote a healthier society by consistently contributing to the well-being of our customers.

Anti-Ageing Drink Specification

- Anti-aging juice made by an expert with 15 years of formulation from France 
- Anti-aging drinks with 100% natural and safe, with zero side effects.
- The anti ageing drink has no steroids, hormones, or pharmaceutical ingredients.
- Anti-aging juice drink with no sugar added.
- Vegetarian-friendly anti-ageing drink.
- Bone and joint supplements are produced using premium imported ingredients.

Anti-Aging Juice Drink Can Relieve Problems:

- Knee Pain
- Joint Numbness
- Not Able To Bend The Knee
- Weak Muscles
- Frozen Shoulder
- Diabetes
- High Blood Pressure
- Gout Or Uric Acid
- Sleep Difficulty 
- Trigger Finger
- Slipped Disc
- Tendon Or Ligament Injuries
- Nervous-Related Pain
- Renew Or Protect the Cells Of The Kidneys

Anti-Aging Juice Ingredients: RO Water, Mix Berries (Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry), Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate, Isomalt, Vitamin C, Celery Seed Extract, Chamomile Extract, Pine Bark Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Acai Berry Extract, Black Turmeric Extract, Aloe Vera Powder, Seabuckthorn Extract, Green Tea Extract, Cantaloupe Extract (SOD), Artichoke Extract, Hawthorn Extract, and Curcumin Extract. 

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