Julie's Peanut Butter Sandwich - 90g

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  • 90g x 24 Packets / Carton
  • 90 Gram
  • Between 9 to 15 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Julie's Peanut Butter Sandwich - 90g

Usage: The creamy and nutty peanut butter cream with the sweet chocolate coating aroma dances in the air to lure you in the evening, or a breakfast snack is the way to go for a stomach playing a bass drum calling for food. Imagine the melted chocolate flowing down in a series of cascades; won't it excite you? Savour Julie's peanut butter sandwich in the new creative recipe to awaken the serotonin inside you for never-ending happiness when you long for it.

1. Tear open one packet of Julie's peanut butter sandwich.
2. Take out the creamy, nutty peanut butter sandwich and insert ice cream sticks into it.
3. Melt baking chocolate in a bowl.
4. Coat the peanut butter sandwich inserted with the ice cream sticks with the melted chocolate.
5. Chill Julie’s peanut butter sandwich with chocolate-coated pop for five minutes to let it set and serve it chilled.


  1. JAKIM’s Halal certification: This Julie's biscuit is certified with halal testament by JAKIM due to its manufacturing process adhering to the JAKIM framework. Therefore, Muslims can consume the hygienic and free-from-prohibited ingredients of Julie's peanut butter biscuit with peace of mind.

  2. HACCP: Julie's peanut butter sandwich is undisputedly safe for human ingestion because the HACCP officers have audited the biscuit to ensure that it does not include any potentially harmful substances for people. As HACCP is a world-class food safety management system recognized worldwide, consumers can put their minds to rest and enjoy the delightful peanut butter biscuit whenever they want it.

  3. ISO 22000: Julie's peanut butter sandwich is a reputable snack because it qualifies for an ISO 22000 certification, a global food safety standard. By acquiring ISO 22000, Julie's Biscuit demonstrates a safe and hygienic environment during the manufacturing process, from its raw material sourcing to storage, preventing contamination as outlined in the requirements of ISO 22000.

  4. ISO 45001: Obtaining an ISO 45001 certificate implies Julie's Manufacturing Sdn Bhd complies with the occupational health and safety management systems (OH&S) regulations for providing a safe and healthy environment for its staff. A healthy atmosphere in the workplace is proven to increase employees' satisfaction and productivity because the workers are treated as human beings instead of enslaved people.

Packaging: Julie's peanut butter sandwich is available in B2C or business-to-consumer marketing in plastic packaging of 90 grams or 3.17 ounces per packet. Suppose you are a grocery shop retailer or looking for a wholesaler product. In that case, you can purchase Julie's peanut butter sandwich in a bulk order of a minimum quantity of one 20-feet container. Each carton of Julie's peanut butter biscuit is packed in a box of 35.5 x 32.5 x 18.3 centimeters (13.98 x 12.80 x 7.20 inches) and contains 24 packets, with padding and cushioning inserted as protection against shocks and movement during the shipment. Furthermore, Julie's Manufacturing Sdn Bhd also takes proactive measures to assuage the possibility of the peanut butter biscuit being crashed in in-transit by labeling the boxes with handling instructions and exercising caution loading and stacking of container into the vehicle.

Storage Instructions: Julie's peanut butter sandwiches are a light treat enjoyed optimally within their nine to 12 months of shelf life. If you leave the cartons packaging of Julie's peanut butter sandwich unopened for a more extended period, keep them in a cool and dry place with no access to humidity and heat sources, preferably in a cupboard or drawer below 25°C (77°F). Excessive heat and moisture will destroy the biscuits' texture and taste. Most importantly, once the original packaging of the peanut butter biscuit is opened, the leftover should be transferred into an airtight glass jar or plastic wrap in an effort to maintain its freshness and prevent stale biscuit condition, as the plastic packaging from the factory is a non-resealable plastic that might provide the peanut biscuit to air and moisture exposure. Apart from that, be careful not to store Julie's peanut butter sandwich nearby strong-smelling substances, as biscuits can absorb odors like spices, cleaning agents, or scented foods and cause contamination which will be destructive for human consumption.

Julie's Peanut Butter Sandwich Overview

Peanut butter, a widely consumed and beloved food item, is incorporated into culinary delights in various forms—smooth, natural, and crunchy. For peanut butter lovers, it is a known fact that peanut butter is not a new phenomenon in gastronomy. Instead, it has come into the culinary sense since the late 19th century when a Canadian chemist and pharmacist named Marcellus Gilmore Edson commercialized peanut butter as a food product with a smooth paste texture. The invention and patented are made possible because peanut butter's main ingredient—peanuts—has been grown in South America for centuries. During World War II, mostly among the general populace, peanut butter gained further prominence due to its long shelf life and nutritional value. Hence, it was adopted as a staple in military supplies.

As previously mentioned, peanut butter exists in various forms. In this modern world, peanut butter cream is one of the outcomes of peanut butter invention, which has been a delectable spread, making it a popular choice for culinary creations, such as fillings for desserts and biscuits. With the cutting-edge technologies available in the food and beverage manufacturing sector, Julie's sandwich is not left behind to join the innovation of its biscuit recipe by employing peanut butter cream as the filling of Julie's peanut butter sandwich. The Julie's peanut butter sandwich that is widely sold in stores these days results from selecting the finest grade peanuts to be roasted and grounded for a robust and enhanced flavor without preservatives. The grinding process of peanut butter forms a smooth, velvety paste suitable for versatile bakery products. The peanut butter cream provides a thrilling taste of sweet, nutty, and mild salted, paired with the golden crispy round crackers of Julie's peanut butter sandwich. Besides being loved worldwide for peanut butter's creamy and nutty element, it offers nutritional benefits too. For example, peanut butter is a good source of monounsaturated fats needed for a healthy heart and dietary fiber for better digestion and long-lasting fullness.

About Julie’s Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

In 1985, Julie's Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company with headquarters in Alor Gajah, Melaka, began to share its delicious biscuits produced with love with the locals. In alignment with Julie's logo of a kind and humble girl, the company has expanded ever since due to its bravery in producing reputable biscuits of premium ingredients but has managed to remain humble throughout its innovation. At Julie's, the company accentuates living in the moment and appreciating life, even with one small biscuit that indicates a small, exciting achievement in everyday life. The company has a clear mission of running its business ethically for everyone's best interest because it unites people from all backgrounds to share the moment with one bite of biscuit made with love. As a biscuit manufacturer that has existed for decades, the company nourishes four core values to bring them into the Hall of Fame of the industry: passion, integrity, conscience, and accountability.

Julie's Peanut Butter Sandwich Specifications

- Brand Name: Julie's
- Round, crispy golden baked crackers
- Rich in peanut butter cream with lightly salted
- Store at room temperature (25°C or 77°F) out of heat sources and strong odors reach
- Best consumed in 9 to 15 months
- 90g (3.17oz) net weight
- Each packet contains 3 small wrappers
- Amount per carton: 90g x 24 packets
- Verified with prominent accreditations: JAKIM Halal, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, and HACCP
- Manufactured in Malaysia


  1. Julie's peanut butter sandwich has peanut, gluten, and milk by-products that might not suit certain people.
  2. The factory where Julie's peanut butter sandwich is made also processes goods that contain peanuts, sesame, tree nuts, and nut products.

Julie's Peanut Butter Sandwich Ingredient List



 · Wheat Flour
 · Peanut Butter
 · Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil)
 · Sugar
 · Glucose Syrup
 · Skimmed Milk Powder
 · Leavening Agents [Ammonium Bicarbonate (INS 503(ii)), Sodium Bicarbonate (INS 500(ii)), Disodium Diphosphate (INS 450(i))]
 · Corn Starch
 · Whey Powder
 · Salt
 · Cheese Powder
 · Yeast
 · Flavourings

Nutrition Facts:


 Per 100g

 Calories (kcal)

 523.18 kcal

 Total Fats (g)


 Saturated Fat (g)


 Cholesterol (mg)


 Sodium (mg)


 Total Carbohydrate (g)


 Dietary Fiber (g)


 Sugars (g)


 Protein (g)



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