Nur Asha Frozen Masalodeh (10 Biji) - 100g

  • NurAsha
  • Made from dhal beans
  • 10 pieces X 24 packs per carton
  • 100 Gram
  • 12 Months
  • Halal
  • Malaysia

Product details of Nur Asha Frozen Masalodeh (10 Biji) - 100g

English Language

Usage: The following guide demonstrates how to serve Nur Asha’s Masalodeh. Firstly, defrost the Masalodeh if it was kept frozen. Prepare enough cooking oil in the pan and preheat it over medium-high heat for the Masalodeh to float on. Fry the defrosted yellow Masalodeh until it is orange or brownish. Please avoid frying too much masalodeh in the same pot (if it is not spacious) as its cold temperature may cause the oil to drop in temperature which in turn makes your masalodeh soggy and wet. Remember to put a kitchen towel on the plate before the freshly fried Masalodeh to drain and remove excess oil. You will then be greeted with a crunchy bite of the Masalodeh if cooked properly.

Certification: Nur Asha’s products, including the Masalodeh, have been awarded a very important certificate:

  1. JAKIM Halal Certificate: Provided by JAKIM, one of the organizations under the Government of Malaysia responsible for awarding the halal certificate. The acquirement of this certificate indicates that the product is Shariah-compliant, meaning that it does not contain alcohol and other non-halal ingredients, the manufacturer’s factory does not produce any non-halal consumer goods, and the production crew has at least two (2) Muslim members according to Halal Malaysia Official Portal.

Packaging: The Masalodeh by Nur Asha is packaged for B2B transactions, consisting of 24 100g packs of 10 pieces of Masalodeh for each carton, making it suitable for other businesses to purchase Masalodeh in a frozen form and in large quantities to sell to customers as frozen food or for restaurants and cafes to serve them freshly fried.

Storage: The frozen Masalodeh can be stored for 12 months. The masalodeh should be kept in sealed containers and ice buildup should be prevented.

Nur Asha’s Masalodeh Overview:

Side dishes are not necessary, but they are fun and add to the depth of flavor when dining. Offered to you by Nur Asha such as curry puffs, cucur badak, spring rolls, and last but not least, the confectionery under the spotlight, the masalodeh, are a great choice of side dishes that you can serve along with the main course. A flavorful snack rich in spices, the Masalodeh presents you with a savory experience in addition to its crunchy texture. Not only is it a great choice of side dish to compliment Indian cuisines and courses from other origins, but they are also a wonderful choice to serve as breakfast and teatime which would feel incomplete without the presence of traditional confectionaries such as the masalodeh offered by Nur Asha.
Masalodeh, also known as Vada, is a savory fried snack native to South India, prepared using dhal beans, onions, cumin, dried chili, salt, and curry leaves. The masalodeh is served best when it’s fresh and hot to fully experience its delicious crunchy texture. Furthermore, it is also common for the masalodeh to be served with a few different dips such as sambar, a lentil-based vegetable stew, chutney, a spread common in Indian cuisines, or dahi, a traditional yogurt also native to the Indian subcontinent.

About Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn. Bhd:

Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn. Bhd. is a 100% native company officially registered to SSM in December 2012. It was initially registered in January 2004 as an enterprise under a different name, Pergam Desa Food Product Enterprise. During its founding years beginning in 1995, the company started by selling pau around the village using a motorcycle. The company supplies a variety of frozen food including roti canai, samosa, karipap pusing, roti Arab, masalodeh, and many more.

Nur Asha’s Masalodeh Specifications:


  • Dhal beans
  • Onions
  • Cumin
  • Dried chili
  • Salt
  • Cooking oil
  • Curry leaves
  • Seasoning powder

Ideally Served:

Can be served on its own or with dipping of choice, traditionally with sambar, chutney or dahi as a side dish, breakfast and teatime.

Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language):

Arahan Penggunaan: Panduan ini akan menujukkan cara-cara menyediakan Masalodeh buatan Nu Asha. Pertama, nyahbeku masalodeh sekiranya ia masih beku. Kemudian, sediakan minyak masak dan panaskannya. Pastikan jumlah minyakmasak mencukupi untuk masalodeh terapung. Kemudian, goreng masalodeh sehingga ianya bewarna oren atau keperangan. Elak menggoreng terlalu banyak masalodeh sekaligus untuk mengelakkan suhu rendah masalodeh menyejukkan suhu minyak masak yang panas, menyebabkan masalodeh yang digoreng terlalu berminyak.

Pensijilan dan pernganugerahan: Produk Nur Asha telah diberi satu pengiktirafan sijil yang penting:

  1. Sijil Halal JAKIM: JAKIM, sebuah jabatan yang bertanggungjawab menganugerahkan sijil Halal di bawah Kerajaan Malaysia telah memberi Sijil Halal JAKIM. Pengiktirafan Sijil Halal menunjukkan bahawa pembuatan produk ini adalah patuh-syariah, dimana ia tidak mengandungi alcohol dan baha-bahan lain yang tidak halal, kilang pengeluaran produk ini juga tidak menghasilkan produk tidak halal serta sekurang-kurangnya 2 kru penghasilan produk ini adalah beragama Islam.

Maklumat Pembungkusan: Produk Masalodeh oleh Nur Asha ini telah dibungkus sesuai untuk transaksi B2B, dimana is terdiri daripada 24 bungkus 10 masalodeh seberat 100g setiap karton

Arahan Penyimpanan: Produk Masalodeh oleh Nur Asha ini boleh disimpan beku selama 12 bulan. Ia harus disimpan didalam bekas bertutup dan pembetukan ais haruslah dielakkan.

Gambaran Keseluruhan Masalodeh Nur Asha:

Hidangan sampingan tidaklah penting, namun, ia mampu menambahbaik kepuasan ketika berhidang. Pilihan biasa sebagai hidangan sampingan termasuklah produk-produk lain Nur Asha seperti karipap, cucur badak, samosa, dan juga masalodeh. Kuih ini kaya dengan rempah dan teksturnya juga rangup diluar. Bukan sahaja ia hidangan sampingan yang enak untuk digabungi dengan masakan India dan masakan-masakan lain, ia juga sesuai dijadikan hidangan untuk sarapan pagi dan minum petang.
Masalodeh, juga dikenali sebagai Vada, merupakan kuih yang berasal daripada Selatan India menggunakan kacang dhal, bawang, jintan, cili kering, garam, dan daun kari. Ia paling sesuai dihidangkan panas dan segar daripada dapur demi kenikmatan kerangupan masalodeh yang sepenuhnya. Tambahan pula, ia juga biasa dihidangkan secara sendiri, atau Bersama sambar, chutney, atau dahi.

Tentang Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn. Bhd:

Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn. Bhd. merupakan sebuah syarikat 100% bumiputera yang telah berdaftar secara rasmi di SSM pada Disember 2012. Ia pada mulanya berdaftar sebagai Pergam Desa Food Product Sdn. Bhd. pada Januari 2004. Syarikat ini bermula dengan menjual pau disekeliling kampung menggunakan motosikal. Syarikiat ini kini membekalkan pelbagai makanan sejuk beku seperti roti canai, samosa, karipap pusing, roti Arab, masalodeh dan lain-lain. 

Spesifikasi Masalodeh oleh Nur Asha:


  • Kacang dhal
  • Bawang
  • Jintan
  • Cili kering
  • Garam
  • Minyak masak
  • Daun kari
  • Serbuk perasa

Penghidangan Sesuai:

Boleh dihidang secara bersendirian, atau bersama sos celup seperti sambar, chutney, atau dahi dan juga boleh dihidang sebagai hidangan sarapan dan minum petang.

>Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn. Bhd.

Syarikat Nur Pergam Sdn. Bhd.

  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
  • Business Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Membership
    • Gold Supplier
    • Gold Supplier
  • Verified Supplier
  • Verified Supplier
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