Tualang Honey 1kg

  • Dr Bazrul Madu Tropical Forest Wild Honey Bee
  • Viscous concentrate
  • Sweet
  • Original
  • 100 bottles per carton
  • 1 Kilogram
  • Analysis certified
  • Malaysia

Product details of Tualang Honey 1kg

Package size available: 200g, 500g, 1kg


1. The specialty of the "Giant Bee" honey bee is the Apis Dorsata Bee which only colonizes in the forests of the Malay archipelago up to India and Nepal is identified as the largest and best wild honey bee in the world. To this day there is no technology that can tame these bees to be farmed.

2. Tualang bee honey has its own special features in terms of taste, various nutrients, antioxidants and converting enzymes that are recognized as among the highest in the world.

3. According to the latest research published in the International Journal of Medicine (PubMed) MADU Tualang is not the same as other local honey, honey from wild bees from the Malay forest is the most nutritious and has a high medical value in the world.

4. The uniqueness of the Tualang bee is that it inhales millions of nectar of multiflora flowers that are preserved in the Equatorial Rainforest, where the oldest forest controls 40% of the world's natural biodiversity. Only Tualang bees are able to pollinate these forests.

5. While the forest tree that is the nesting place of this bee colony is called Tualang tree in Malaysia or Sialang tree in Indonesia believed by most Malays to be one of the oldest special trees and among the tallest in the world.

6. The collection of bee honey is traditionally done for generations by climbing trees as high as 40 to 60 meters high into the sky. By taking into account hygiene to maintain the quality of honey. High -risk jobs make it one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

7. MADU TUALANG has long been used as a traditional drink of the Malay community as an anti-aging, medicinal, and is the secret of their very long lifespan up to 120 years.

8. Baiah or loyal words of the head of our climber's operations only honey followed and witnessed from under the tree only taken and not taken as an unclear source.

9. This honey has been tested for enzymes on it by an accredited laboratory from UNIPEQ UKM Bangi and found that this honey enzyme is the highest in the world which is 36.2.

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