KimG Kimchi Fermented Cabbage - Extra Spicy - 550g

  • 24 Bottle(s)
  • KimG
  • 955 100 617 0033
  • Crunchiness that you never try before
  • Not too sour nor salty
  • Hand-screened natural ingredients, no preservatives & no colour pigment also vegan diet
  • 375 x 285 x 125 mm
  • 550g x 12 Bottles per Carton
  • 550 Gram
  • 6 months
  • Halal Certificate
  • Taiwan

Product details of KimG Kimchi Fermented Cabbage - Extra Spicy - 550g

Do you enjoy binge-watching K-dramas or K-movies? Have you ever noticed how they eat their meal with this one specific side dish, which looks like sliced veggies with some type of red spicy-looking sauce all over it? The sound of crunchiness makes your mouth wet, and you desperately want to eat it but don't know where to get it? You no longer need to be worried, since KimG will come to your rescue! Spicy Fermented Cabbage by KimG is the hottest selling kimchi in town! You will taste crunchiness you have never tasted before. The spiciness of each bite of this green cabbage kimchi will make you want to eat more and more since it is really addicting.

Usage: To begin, you must first open the package. After that, gently remove the container's red lid and set it aside. Using a spoon, scoop out the desired amount of spicy fermented cabbage and place it carefully on the small plate. Then you're done! To enjoy kimchi, you don't need to do anything to it.  It's perfect to consume it as is. However, because this green cabbage kimchi is such a diverse meal, you may eat it with everything. Depending on your cooking creativity, you can use it in any dish you like.

Certification(s): HL World Food Industry has successfully obtained six certificates since its debut as a producer of halal product lines, including the tasty and spicy green cabbage kimchi, in order to take its product to the next level.

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: HL World Food Industry has received halal accreditation from the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) for the benefit of their Muslim customers in Malaysia, indicating that they rigorously comply with JAKIM's guidelines for manufacturing halal products like the Halal Extra Spicy Fermented Cabbage.

  2. THIDA Halal-Certified: As the No.1 spicy green cabbage kimchi manufacturer in Taiwan, HL World Food Industry also wants to expand its business by broadening its group of customers, which is the Muslim communities in Taiwan. Hence, they decided to obey the guidelines which have been set by the Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association (THIDA) in order to serve the Taiwanese Muslim communities a safe halal product, including this Spicy Fermented Cabbage.

  3. MeSTI-Certified: MeSTI is a Malaysian Ministry of Health food safety initiative that aims to build a food hygiene management and operations management system that includes food safety control and product safety requirements. As a result, the Malaysian Ministry of Health has certified HL World Food Industry's food products, including the  Spicy Fermented Cabbage, as safe to consume. By developing a well-managed healthy food hygiene planning and operational system, HL World Food Industry was able to effectively manufacture sanitary commodities such as Spicy Fermented Cabbage.

  4. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification: After extensive testing for chemical, physical, and biological hazards, HL World Food Industry's whole product range, including Spicy Fermented Cabbage, has been recognised as safe for human consumption. 

  5. FSSC 22000 Certificate: NSF International has validated HL World Food Industry's products and packaging safety processes, including Spicy Fermented Cabbage, to ensure that the company's services are safe for human consumption around the globe.

  6. ISO Certificate: The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a non-governmental organization that creates standards to guarantee that goods, services, and systems are of high quality, safe, and efficient. The whole HL World Food Industry product line, including Spicy Fermented Cabbage, has undergone a standard assurance method, resulting in items that satisfy the customer and applicable laws and regulations requirements.

Storage Instruction: The KimG's Spicy Fermented Cabbage should be stored in the refrigerator at 4°C (39°F) or below. It will keep for longer and continue to ferment, giving your kimchi a sourer taste. This spicy green cabbage kimchi should not be kept at room temperature as it will deteriorate quickly. It will also last up to 6 months if stored according to the recommendations.

Packaging: The HL World Food Industry has carefully and properly packed all of their products, including this Extra Spicy Fermented Cabbage with the specific specification of 375mm x 285mm x 125mm (14.76inches x 11.22inches x 4.92inches) and weight of about 550g (19.4oz) per unit. Each of the cartons will be fully packed with 550g (19.4oz) x 12 bottles.

When it comes to product manufacture and delivery, the HL World Food Industry is totally focused on ensuring that each item is treated with care and arrives in perfect condition in the hands of our beloved customer. Using high-quality materials and adopting a high-security wrapping procedure can help to avoid any faults or difficulties in the packing. The HL World Food Industry's primary mission is to boost customer happiness and smiles when their purchases come.

KimG’s Spicy Fermented Cabbage Overview

KimG is from Taiwan, a country known for its wide array of snacks. They have been in Taiwan for almost a decade and are well-known for their excellent Kimchi. Their kimchi is selling at a rate of roughly 4000 jars per day! Furthermore, after just 5 years since their debut, their items were extremely famous, and the media began to rush them for interviews about their accomplishments and achievements. It finally arrived in Malaysia in 2019 and began selling! It

has attained a sales volume of 500 cans in just one month!

How Does Fermentation Work On Green Cabbage Kimchi?

Fermented Green Cabbage, or Kimchi in Korean, is a combination of pickled and fermented cabbage that was initially used to ferment cabbage for the winter season. Although many other veggies may be used to produce kimchi, green cabbage appears to be the most preferred main ingredient. The method of transforming vegetables into kimchi is known as "Lacto-fermentation." The bacterium converts carbohydrates (such as sugar) in vegetables into lactic acid, giving pickled foods their tangy taste and increasing their tartness, making them safe to consume.

Furthermore, because this dish is entirely composed of vegetables, it is ideal for individuals following a vegan diet, as we may refer to this product as Green Cabbage Kimchi Vegan. Plus, this fermented spicy cabbage from KimG also offers a variety of health benefits that we may obtain by eating it. This is due to the fact that KimG exclusively utilizes high-quality kimchi and garlic as the key ingredients! Every 200g of Vitamin C in jellyfish is equivalent to two citrus fruits! Furthermore, it is high in vitamin A and E, both of which are natural antioxidants, making it ideal for making you gorgeous while also improving skin sensitivity!

Their hallmark product, which claims a distinctive flavour and texture similar to broccoli stems but is significantly sweater, promises a unique taste and texture comparable to that of broccoli stems. The vegetable is high in vitamin C and vitamin B6, as well as a strong source of potassium. Finally, a single cup (135 grammes) supplies around 17% of your daily fibre requirements.

KimG’s Spicy Fermented Cabbage Specifications

- Has a crunchy texture you've never experienced before
- It's well seasoned, with a sour-salty balance
- Contains only natural ingredients
- No preservatives or colourants
- It's a vegan-friendly product that's made 100% from fresh cabbage

Ingredient List:

- Korean cabbage
- Vinegar
- Garlic
- Sugar
- Chili
- Paprika
- Salt
- Thickener (Hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate, tara gum, and xanthan gum)
- Monosodium L-Glutamate (as permitted flavouring enhancer)

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