KAF Sambal Jawa 250g

  • KAF
  • Smooth
  • Tangy and spicy
  • Chilli Sambal
  • 26 x 45 x 18 cm
  • 250 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Halal Certificate
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of KAF Sambal Jawa 250g

Usage: The following guideline serves as a guide on how to use Chili Sambal. There are multiple ways for you to enjoy chili paste. Here are some things that you can do with the sambal chili:

  1. You can use it as a dipping sauce. Sambal is a versatile sauce that can be paired with many dishes, such as meat, vegetables, and seafood.
  2. You can use it as a condiment. Adding sambal to your food will add a little hint of flavor and spiciness to your meals.
  3. It can be used for marinating. Sambal can be used to marinate your food to create a flavorful meal. A prime example is when it is used to make a marinade for meat or in Korea, using Gochujang for making kimchi.
  4. As a topping. By adding sambal to your pizza, sandwiches, or even burgers will add some heat to your meal.
Do be mindful that sambal chili is spicy, so start with a small amount when adding it to your meals. Take a tablespoonful of chili paste and slowly add more to suit your palate.

Certification: The KAF Sambal Jawa brand of sambal paste, along with many other products that they offer, has been awarded certifications to fit the needs of consumers in Malaysia.

JAKIM Halal-Certified: As they meet all the Shariah-compliant regulatory requirements for food in Malaysia, they have been awarded a Halal certificate from JAKIM. This means that Muslims not only in Malaysia but also throughout Southeast Asia and other countries from different continents can safely enjoy the sambal paste.

Packaging: Packed with the mindset that each household or store should have them, KAF Sambal Jawa is packed into a clear jar that is 250 grams per jar, filled to the brim with their signature sambal chili that is red in color. The dimension of the jar is 26 cm x 45 cm x 18 cm, which is a large jar, so customers can enjoy the sambal chili as much as they need to. Can be stored in any place needed, whether it be on the table, pantry shelf, or refrigerator. The minimum order for the sambal paste would be 1 carton, but it is always negotiable to be 1 pallet per carton, as not many households would buy a carton that contains numerous amounts of jars of sambal paste, but it would greatly benefit Koreans who want to make kimchi but don’t have enough Gochujang.

KAF Sambal Jawa Overview

When trying to enjoy rice with a side of chicken or fish or any kind of side, most Malaysians tend to want to have a bit of spiciness that is not part of the sides but as a condiment. That is where KAF Sambal Jawa comes into place. Chili paste, according to the country in which they are made, has different names. In Southeast Asia, it is more commonly known as ‘sambal’. In Korea, it is known as ‘Gochujang’. However, they all have the same meaning which is red chili paste.

KAF Sambal Jawa is the perfect red chili paste to enjoy rice with any kind of sides but not fully ruin the taste of it. People can enjoy the slight taste of tanginess and spiciness however they want it to. All they need to do is just add how much KAF Sambal Jawa red chili paste they want to suit their palate.

Although sambal or chili paste is ubiquitous throughout Southeast Asia, it is thought to have originated in Indonesia. Originating from the Javanese word 'sambel', which means 'chili paste' or 'radish', the word then would be changed to 'sambal' as it spreads more and more throughout Southeast Asia. Many types of sambals can be found, but the most common ones are red or green sambal paste.

Upon hearing the word sambal, most foreigners, especially ones from the western side of the world, would avoid it. However, it quickly becomes their favorite condiment after having a bit of taste. And KAF Sambal Jawa is one of the tastiest sambals there is in Malaysia due to how they make their sambal paste.

About MOLF Enterprise

MOLF Enterprise or known by another name, DAPUR KAF, is a company that was established in Manjalara in 2017. Ever since their establishment, they have only kept customer reviews of only 5 stars on food delivery services such as FoodPanda and GrabFood.  Their company specializes in making sambal paste and coconut curds. What makes their company different from other companies that make red chili or chili sambal paste and coconut curds is that they created their own identity based on 4 things which are: authenticity, original recipe, customizable, and uniqueness of taste.

KAF Sambal Jawa Specifications


 Chili, Yellow Onion, Shrimp Paste, Tomato, Vegetable Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)


Ideally Served:

  1. Suitable to accompany rice for lunch or dinner. Adds an extra bit of flavor of tanginess and spiciness to the already existing flavors on the plate.
  2. Suitable for making your own homemade kimchi.

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MOLF Enterprise

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