Salted Egg Cornflakes - 180g

  • Karisma Teguh enterprise / KTE
  • Snack dan junk food
  • Crunchy and original
  • Salted egg, spicy
  • Homemade, ready to eat
  • 10(h) x 5(l)
  • 180 Gram
  • 3 months
  • Selangor
  • Food production certificate, Typod Injection, Halal Certificate Stage 2
  • Malaysia

Product details of Salted Egg Cornflakes - 180g

Usage: When placing your order for our salted egg cornflakes, you may receive your parcel alongside carton packaging, as it is common for ordering a package online. The most utilized by entrepreneurs when packing their products is carton packaging. You may unfasten the carton packaging with the help of sharp objects, such as a knife or scissors, to cut open the tap surrounding the box.  

Afterwards, without any trouble, you can open the box to reveal the egg yolk cornflakes, packed in a jar; to open the jar, you need to carefully break the tape, which is around the jar’s cap with a knife or scissors. After opening the jar, you may enjoy your newly bought crispy, salted egg cornflakes.  

Instead of consuming our salted egg cornflakes directly upon receiving them, you are also recommended to store our cornflakes in a dry place such as your kitchen cabinet. You are not recommended to store the cornflakes in the fridge, to avoid the cereal from becoming brittle and cold.  

Our salted egg cornflakes are suitable for any occasion; be it birthday parties, new year's gatherings, Eid day or other get-togethers, our spicy and crispy cornflakes should be there as your no. 1 snack.  

The crispy cornflakes will last for about 3 months.  

Certifications: After our organization has successfully established, we laid hold of a few certifications, which were the Food production certificate, Typod injection, and Halal certificate stage 2. All of our products, including our salted egg cornflakes, have been eligible to own these certifications. 

  1. Food Production Certificate: Our salted egg cornflakes are in line for owning this certification. We have come to heel with the regulations that were called for, with the attention to procure this certification.  

  2. Typhoid Injection Certification: Food handlers are compelled to seek after the injection, as this will give an assurance that all goods are secure to be consumed. All our goods, including our salted egg cornflakes, are safe to be enjoyed, with this certification.  

  3. Halal Certificate Stage 2: All of our products, including our salted egg cornflakes are worthy of retaining this certification.  

Feature: For our consumers' information, our crunchy, salted egg cornflakes are produced right here at home, by us. When foods are self-made, it is a lot easier to gain healthier ingredients. When we map out our food ingredients, we know exactly what goes in our meal, every time we prepare it. With a self-made feature, our cornflakes are free from unnatural flavours, flavour enhancers, and GMOs.  

Another reason for choosing our salted egg cornflakes is due to their portion control, considering how we practice homemade assembling. Oftentimes, fast foods or meals provided by restaurants do not control their quantity when piecing together the ingredients.  

Packaging: With the making of consumer durable, comes the proposal of designing the packaging of the product. Packaging is termed as encompassing or managing stock in trade for the sole purpose of giving out, archiving, trading, and utilization. Additionally, packaging also implies the measures of drawing up, sizing up, and generating packages. Similar to other products in the market, our salted egg cornflakes also contain their packaging. Our spicy salted egg cornflakes are sold in 10 (h) x 5 (l). 

Net weight/Unit: The weight of the packed together goods is untouched after the conclusion for tare weight. It is the denseness of the full of nourishment content within the container well suited for food. Our cornflakes' net weight is 180 grams.  

Shelf-Life: Every product in the market, specific foods, contains its own shelf life. A product’s life span, on the whole, means the quality of time you can envisage a product to appear and pursue as forecasted and to maintain to be safe when utilized. Our salted egg cornflakes will last for only 3 months.  

Overview of Salted Egg Cornflakes

Small toasted corn flakes are the basis for the packaged cereal known as corn flakes, which is often served cold with milk and occasionally sugar. Since their first creation, the plain flakes have been flavoured with salt, sugar, and malt, and numerous subsequent products with additional ingredients have been produced, including sugar-frosted flakes and honey & nut corn flakes. The successful production of cornflakes comes with numerous ways to utilize the cornflakes, aside from consuming them as cereals. For example, cornflakes can be modernized as French toast, pancakes, ice cream, S’mores, chocolate bars, cookies, and bread. Aside from transforming this well-known cereal into desserts, our community can also produce savoury snacks, such as salted egg cornflakes.
A salted egg is preserved egg that has been steeped in brine or packed in the salted charcoal paste. In Asian grocery stores, you can get them either vacuum-packed in plastic or covered in a thick, black layer of paste. With a spherical, hard-to-the-touch, yellow-orange yolk, the raw egg white is nearly gelatin-like. The yolk is rich and has a somewhat gritty texture when cooked, while the white is soft and salty. Throughout the years, salted eggs have become so popular, that the instant powder version has been fashioned, as it is easier for consumers to enjoy the taste of the salted egg.
Our salted egg cornflakes contain a spicy taste from the dried chillies, which makes it hard to refuse since the majority of people adore spicy food. Our homemade cornflakes consist of ingredients such as curry leaves, cooking oil, slated egg powder, dried chillies, and sugar. The encompassed ingredients are very few, due to its feature of being homemade.

Salted Egg Cornflake's Specification:

- Our salted egg cornflakes are categorized as a snack and junk food. 
- The texture of our salted egg cornflakes is crunchy.
- The spicy and salted egg taste can be found when consuming our slated egg cornflakes. 
- We provide homemade, salted egg cornflakes.
- The packaging for our slated egg cornflakes is 10 (h) x 5 (l). 
- Our salted egg cornflakes' net weight is 180 grams. 
- The shelf life for our salted egg cornflakes is only 3 months.
- These salted egg cornflakes are Food production certification, Typod injection certification, and Halal certificate Stage 2 verified.
- Eco-friendly.  

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