Kukkrapmy Golden Salted Egg Peyek Snack - Korean Spicy Flavour - 207g

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  • Crispy & Spicy
  • Salted Egg
  • Our special products that promise a unique Krukkrapmy experience. The rich salted egg coating paired
  • 6 months
  • Malaysia
  • Halal certified
  • Malaysia

Product details of Kukkrapmy Golden Salted Egg Peyek Snack - Korean Spicy Flavour - 207g

Usage Instruction: Once you receive this Golden Salted Egg Peyek Korean Spicy by Krukkrakmy, you need to unseal the packaging first. Take a pair of scissors and carefully cut the entire top part of the packaging, then you can enjoy munching the peyek. However, if there are any leftovers, you can transfer the peyek into the storage food container like a ziplock bag, tupperware, jar, etc,  and save it for later nibbling. Keep it in the airtight condition to preserve the Golden Salted Egg Peyek Korean Spicy for a longer time and keep the peyek fresh and crunchy. 

Storage Instruction: To keep the Golden Salted Egg Peyek Korean Spicy fresh and crunchy for a longer time, you should store the peyek in an airtight container. The reason we suggest using an airtight container is because it can prevent all the external air from getting in touch with the peyek and oxidation, which can cause the peyek to be soggy and soft. By doing this, it is also possible to limit the growth of bacteria and other microbes. We also suggest you store the peyek at a temperature between 23 and 26 degrees Celsius (73.4 and 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit). Nevertheless, you can also store the peyek at a colder temperature, like in the chilling compartment of the fridge. However, it is ideal for you to store it at room temperature. These peyek can be stored for up to 6 months. 

Packaging Information: The production staff for the Korean spicy golden salted egg peyek will meticulously pack these peyek in resealable aluminium pouches, which you can reseal it back once you open the packet. We also packed our peyek by using vacuum sealing techniques, where we pumped it with nitrogen gas so that shelf life and crispiness is ensured. Our peyek manufactured with weighs 207 g (7.30 oz) in each unit. The Golden Salted Egg Peyek Korean Spicy’s agreed minimum purchase quantity for bulk orders is 1 x 20-foot box container, or less than a container load (LCL). Kota Intan Enterprise also makes sure that every product it creates is expertly handled and delivered in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. Before using the item once you acquire it, kindly examine it. Before utilising the item, please check it upon delivery, and please let us know if there are any problems with the items you got.

Certification/Claims: Since the company's establishment, Kota Intan Enterprise's peyek, particularly its Golden Salted Egg Peyek Korean Spicy, have attracted recognition on a worldwide scale, which include:

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: In Malaysia, halal certificates are supervised by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, or JAKIM. Jakim has therefore officially certified as halal all food product lines supplied by Kota Intan Enterprise under the Kukkrapmy brand. As a consequence, all of our customers, especially Muslims worldwide, may freely access our Golden Salted Egg Peyek Korean Spicy, which has also been certified as Halal. A product's compliance with Islamic law and its testing are both attested to by earning this accreditation.

  2. GMP Certificate: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) must be adhered to in order to fulfil the standards established by the government agencies that regulate the industrial production of food, beverages, cosmetics, medicines, nutritional supplements, and medical devices. The achievement of GMP accreditation demonstrates Kota Intan Enterprise's capability to consistently produce superior food products, including this Golden Salted Egg Peyek Korean Spicy.

Overview of Golden Salted Egg Peyek Korean Spicy

Golden Salted Egg Peyek Korean Spicy is a peyek distributed in Malaysia by Kota Intan Enterprise under the brand name Kukkrapmy. Peyek, or rempeyek, is actually a name that is taken from an Indonesian or Javanese-language snack. Originally, it was prepared using an eggless batter that was stuffed with flavorful herbs, spices, peanuts, and anchovies before being deep-fried. This Spicy korean golden salted egg peyek, on the other hand, is made with a unique ingredient that you won't find anywhere else. You can probably guess what it is based on its name. YES! You must try our crispy dhal peyek, peyek ranggup, made from batter spiced with Korean spices, studded with dhal, and topped with aromatic salted egg powder. Each bite of our Golden Salted Egg Peyek Korean Spicy gives you the umami flavour of salted egg, together with a hint of Korean spiciness, which makes you want to munch even more.

About Kota Intan Enterprise

Kota Intan Enteprise is one of the food distributors in Malaysia. We distribute a type of savoury Indonesian-Javanese cracker that is deep-fried and consists of flour (often rice flour) and other ingredients that are bonded or coated in a crisp flour batter. A Peyek brand from Malaysia is called Krukkrapmy. Since its launch, Peyek has gained popularity due to the unique crackers' coating of actual salted egg yolk powder. We provide Original, Korean Spicy, and Spicy Cheezy flavours of our salted egg peyek.

We sell peyek crackers wholesale in Malaysia. Our peyek's crispiness and shelf life are guaranteed by vacuum sealing methods followed by nitrogen gas pumping, making it the perfect choice for a snack to eat while traveling. Krukkrapmy provides freshness that may endure over several snacking sessions since it is packaged in resealable aluminium pouches. They provide a daily pick-me-up because of their assortment of flavours. It elevates snacking to a whole new level and goes well with a warm supper.

Golden Salted Egg Peyek Korean Spicy Specifications

- Made with
flour, egg, nuts, herbs, sugar, salted egg, etc.
- Crunchy texture
- Spicy taste
- Halal JAKIM Certified
- 6 months of shelf life
- Manufactured in Malaysia

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