Eco Forest Granola Cereal - Cocoa Crunch - 250g

  • Eco Forest
  • 9555 2626 247 266
  • Crunchy
  • Chocolate cocoa crunch
  • Rich and fragrant chocolate cocoa crunch paired with crispy multi-nuts and high fiber oats
  • 250 Gram
  • 18 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Halal certified
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Eco Forest Granola Cereal - Cocoa Crunch - 250g

Usage: Introducing Eco Forest's granola Cocoa Crunch, the best crunch cereal that is halal and adds a lovely mix of savory flavors to your morning routine. This delicious cereal is made with care using premium ingredients and is intended to tantalize your taste senses while nourishing your body.

At London Probiotics Technology Sdn Bhd, we understand how critical it is to begin the day with a hearty meal. Because of this, the components in our Granola Cocoa Crunch are all-natural and provide a balanced energy boost in the morning. Rich chocolate nibs, crunchy toasted almonds, and chewy rolled oats work in perfect harmony to make each bite irresistible.

Our granola cereal’s adaptability is one of its greatest qualities. This delicious Granola Cereal may be consumed in a variety of ways and added to your regular routine. Here are some recommendations:

1. Classic Breakfast Bowl: The classic breakfast bowl combines the health of whole grains, protein-rich almonds, and the decadent flavor of cocoa for a filling meal. Simply spoon a hearty portion of Granola Cereal into a bowl, top it with your preferred milk (dairy or plant-based), and enjoy. Sprinkle some fresh fruit, such as berries or banana slices, over top for an additional indulgent touch.

2. Yoghurt Parfait: To make a tasty and eye-catching parfait, layer your favorite yogurt, fresh fruit, and Granola Cereal in a glass or container. Every spoonful is enhanced by the fruity burst, which nicely balances the creamy yogurt with the crunchy granola.

3. Smoothie Booster: Sprinkle some Granola Cereal on top of your smoothies to boost their flavor. It gives your favorite blended recipes a wonderful crunch and a hint of chocolaty richness. For an additional texture and flavor boost, you may simply incorporate the granola right into your smoothie.

4. Snack On The Go: Granola Cereal is a great snack all day long and is not just for breakfast. Grab a handful of this delicious cereal to sate your desires and maintain your energy levels whether you're at work, on a walk, or just in need of a fast pick-me-up.

Granola Cereal is beautiful not just because it tastes well, but also because it values quality and ethical sources. We place a high value on utilizing natural and halal-certified foods so that you may eat breakfast in peace. In addition, our granola is made with care and attention to detail, ensuring a superior product that goes above and beyond your expectations.

For those looking for a delicious and wholesome breakfast alternative, Granola Cereal is the best solution. It's a cereal that fulfills both your taste buds and your body's nutritional requirements with its tantalizing combination of crispy oats, toasted almonds, and rich chocolate. This halal crunch cereal is likely to become a fixture in your kitchen, whether it is consumed as a handy on-the-go snack, in a traditional breakfast bowl, a yogurt parfait, or a smoothie. With Granola Cereal, you can elevate your morning ritual and enjoy a delightful start to the day.

Certifications: London Probiotics Technology Sdn Bhd has concentrated on producing the highest-quality probiotic products since it was founded in Malaysia in 1979. We have certificates and accolades to our credit to demonstrate our commitment to creating probiotic products of the highest caliber and degree of protection.

  1. Halal Certification from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM): London Probiotic Technology Sdn Bhd's goods must get JAKIM's (the Department of Islamic Development) halal certification before being marketed to Muslims in Malaysia. The same qualities apply to all Malaysian culinary products. The Halal certification demonstrates that the product complies with Shariah throughout production and that the components are suitable for Muslim eating. As a result of our adherence to the strict legal regulations established by Shariah, JAKIM recognized us as Halal.

  2. Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI): To earn the MeSTI (Food Safety is Industry's Responsibility) accreditation, employees of corporate entities must successfully complete the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) course. They will then be audited based on what they learned throughout the course. They will receive the certificate and be permitted to sell their goods in Malaysia if they satisfy the standards. Due to their qualifications, London Probiotic Technology Sdn Bhd has been recognised as a Malaysian-made brand.

Storage Instructions: It's crucial to adhere to the recommended storage procedures to guarantee the quality and freshness of Granola Cereal. The suggested rules are as follows:

1. Store in a cold, Dry Place: Keep the granola out of direct sunlight, dampness, and heat sources in a cold, dry location. The texture and flavor of the granola might change because of exposure to high temperatures.

2. Seal the Packaging: After each use, make sure to carefully shut the container to stop air and moisture from getting inside. For keeping food fresh, resealable bags or containers are great.

3. Avoid Freezing: Although it may seem like a good idea to freeze granola to increase its shelf life, doing so might cause changes in the texture and flavor. Instead, it's preferable to keep it at ambient temperature.

4. Use within Recommended Shelf Life: The recommended shelf life for granola cereal is often written on the box. To experience the product at its optimum quality, it is advised to consume it within the allotted time range.

5. Avoid Strong Smells: Granola cereal tends to absorb smells from its environment. Store it away from anything with strong smells, such as spices, cleaning products, or flavorful foods, to preserve its original flavor.

You can prolong the freshness, texture, and flavor of Granola Cereal by following these storage suggestions. Each dish will continue to be as tasty and pleasurable as the first thanks to it. With proper storage, your Granola Cereal should have a shelf life of up to 18 months.

Packaging Information: Using eco-friendly materials and clear product information, including nutritional information and any pertinent certifications, the packaging is created with sustainability in mind. To improve the entire customer experience, the package also has appealing design elements and educational information. Depending on how much you eat per serving, the 250 grams of granola cereal in each package can last for a while. The packaging's ability to zip-lock makes it resealable as well. The product's minimum order requirement is negotiable.

Eco Forest's Granola Cereal Overview

A popular morning cereal known as granola offers a delicious fusion of natural healthiness and mouthwatering flavors. This halal-certified cereal offers several advantages for your taste buds and general well-being since it is made with premium ingredients including crispy rolled oats, toasted almonds, and rich cocoa nibs. Granola Cereal's adaptability is one of its main benefits. This cereal suits a variety of tastes and lifestyles, whether it is consumed in a traditional breakfast bowl, as a garnish for yogurt parfaits, a boost for smoothies, or even as an easy on-the-go snack. The history of granola in the culinary industry is lengthy. It was first developed as a health food in the United States in the nineteenth century. Due to its superior nutritional value, granola has become a well-liked choice for people looking for a healthy and energizing supper. Granola has changed and grown over time to include a variety of flavors and combinations to suit various palates and dietary requirements.

There are several advantages of including granola cereal in your diet. The first benefit is that it is a fantastic source of whole grains, which offer vital minerals, fiber, and long-lasting energy. The main component of granola, rolled oats, is well recognized for its heart-healthy benefits and capacity to aid in digestion. Almonds that have been roasted give protein, good fats, and a pleasant crunch. The luscious cocoa nibs, meanwhile, give a lovely hint of chocolate flavor in addition to antioxidants and possible mood-enhancing properties. Granola cereal spices up your morning routine in addition to providing nutritious benefits. Its crisp texture makes for a great sensory experience, as do the flavors of oats, almonds, and chocolate. It enables a variety of inventive pairings, such as combining it with milk or plant-based substitutes, topping it with yogurt and fresh fruits, mixing it into smoothies, or just consuming it by itself as a fast and wholesome snack. Granola is being used in foods other than breakfast, including sweets, baked items, and even savory meals. Food fans love it because of its adaptability and capacity to offer a pleasant texture and flavor. A pleasant and nutritious option to start your day off right is granola cereal. Due to its blend of high-quality ingredients, variety in consumption, and heritage rooted in health and enjoyment, this cereal continues to tantalize taste buds and encourage a healthy, enjoyable diet.

About London Probiotics Technology Sdn Bhd

Probiotic product development and manufacturing are the focus of the respected and creative London Probiotics Technology Sdn Bhd. The business has made a name for itself as a leader in the probiotics sector because of its strong focus on providing high-quality and efficient solutions. The mission of London Probiotics Technology, which was founded on the tenets of scientific inquiry and product quality, is to employ the power of good bacteria to enhance health and well-being. Their team of specialists combines deep expertise in biotechnology and microbiology to create cutting-edge formulas that support gut health and general wellness. The company's selection of probiotic pills, fermented foods, and functional drinks is diverse. The probiotic strains in these products are delivered live and active, assuring maximum potency and effectiveness. The use of premium ingredients and strict quality control procedures are two things that London Probiotics Technology takes great pleasure in.

The dedication to the innovation displayed by London Probiotics Technology may be seen in their ongoing efforts in research and development. They continue to advance probiotic science by investigating novel strains, distribution methods and uses. Due to its commitment to innovation, the business can provide cutting-edge solutions that address health issues and satisfy a range of customer demands. London Probiotics Technology also places a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility and sustainability. By using environmentally friendly procedures and packaging materials, they try to reduce their impact on the environment. Openness and education are given the top priority at London Probiotics Technology, with a focus on satisfying customers. By giving customers lucid and accurate product information, they guarantee that customers may make informed decisions about their health and well-being. They obtain the required certifications and abide by industry regulations to gain the trust of their clients.

The success of London Probiotics Technology is based on a strong foundation of knowledge, excellence, and innovation. They want to enable people to live healthier lives by utilizing the power of probiotics. The company's probiotic products have won the approval and trust of customers all over the world, whether they're used to enhance digestive health, strengthen the immune system, or improve general wellbeing.

Eco Forest's Granola Cereal Specifications

- Brand Name:
Eco Forest
- Texture: Crunchy
- Taste: Chocolate Cocoa Crunch
- Feature: Rich and Fragrant Chocolate Cocoa Crunch Paired with Crispy Multi-Nuts and High Fiber Oats
- Barcode: 9555 2626 247 266
- Net Weight/Unit: 250 Grams
- Shelf Life: 18 Months
- Country of Origin: Malaysia


- Rolled Oats
- Mini Cocoa Crunch
- Pumpkin Seeds
- Sunflower Seeds
- Ground Nut
- Brown Sugar
- Cocoa Powder
- Chocolate Paste
- Honey
- Vanilla
- Salt

Ideally Served:

- Can be enjoyed as a breakfast bowl.
- Can be made into a yogurt parfait.
- Can be an ingredient in your smoothies.
- A great on-the-go snack.
- Can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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