Chicken Pepperoni Pizza

  • Pizza House
  • Soft, lumpy, bready
  • Pepperoni source, cheese, sweet spicy
  • Cheese, tomato sauce, dough, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and other vegetables
  • 2-3 days
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Chicken Pepperoni Pizza

Usage: JJ International’s chicken pepperoni pizza comes with your usual rectangular pizza box on your front door. Once you accepted the box of pizza, you may open the box and enjoy your chicken pepperoni pizza when it’s still hot. If you desire to stockpile your pizza and have them later, you can keep the fast food in your fridge and reheat your food using your oven because it is the best way to reheat your pizza and ensure it tastes just as good as the day you receive them. Your pizza comes with 8 slices. 

You can use your pizza cutter to break apart the slices, or you can use your fork and spoon to hold them together and softly separate the slices. After breaking the pizza slices away from each other, you can finally enjoy your chicken pepperoni pizza. Your pizza will last for only 2- 3 days. 

Packaging: This chicken pepperoni pizza is covered with a rectangular pizza box differing in multiple sizes. The box is cupboard – material, to retain the heat of the pizza and store the pizza slices and later be sent to the consumers. Customers can choose the pizza box sizes from regular size, which is comparable to 9 inches, large size (12 inches), and lastly, extra – large (15 inches). The fast food has roughly 8 pizza slices in a box. Your chicken pepperoni pizza can be enjoyed in every event you can think of - from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries, valentines’ day, etc. Pizza is a portion of comfort food for some people. 

Texture: Chicken pepperoni pizza has the texture of any regular pizza on the market. Pizzas are known to have that soft, indulgent middle point, just where the pizza toppings are arranged. The soft, bread imitation of the centre point when paired with the chicken pepperoni, cheese, and tomato sauce as the main topping is perfect. Not to mention the crunchy part of the pizza crust. There are three pizza crust choices that you can choose from; one is the original hand-tossed crust, and the second pizza crust option is Pizza House crust. The last pizza crust you can choose from is Thin N Crunchy crust. 

Taste: This chicken pepperoni pizza consists of the flavour of chicken pepperoni, stringy cheese, and a sweet and savoury taste from the tomato sauce. The spicy kick also comes in when you bite into the pepperoni; pepperoni in general, has the taste of smoky, spicy, and peppery, unlike salami. 

Feature: Pizza House’s Chicken pepperoni pizza contains components such as chicken pepperoni, tomato sauce, cheese, sausage, dough, mushrooms, and vegetables. These are common pizza toppings, among other unique toppings to ever exist. Pizzas are always recognized with some type of pepperoni and paired with cheese and tomato sauce and the recognizable pizza crust. It depends if the crust is filled with extra cheese or not, but the original pizza doesn’t have fillings in the crust. Pizza crusts also have two types such as thin or thick crust. Normally, the majority of people prefer the crust to be thin and filled with cheese. 

Shelf-Life: This chicken pepperoni pizza by Pizza House can only last you for 2-3 days. Therefore, it is urged that the pizza should be eaten when it’s still fresh and hot; the day you receive your pizza is the ideal consumption date. Pizza is fast food that was baked and ready to eat, therefore it is only logical for people to have their pizza slices the minute they receive their fast food. Some people complain that pizza doesn’t taste the same even after storing them in the fridge. This proves that pizza is better off eaten fresh, and you should not wait for any further to have your chicken pepperoni pizza. 

Storage Instruction(s): However, if you decided to put your chicken pepperoni pizza in storage to take pleasure in for a later day, you can store your pizza slices in your fridge at the correct temperature, to make sure your pizza stays longer and doesn’t lose its original taste. The ideal temperature for storing your pizza is 40 degrees F, or 4.5 °C. If your fridge is not on this setting, you need to adjust for it to have the perfect one.

Country of Origin: Pizza House’s chicken pepperoni pizza is made in Malaysia. As time continues to move, Malaysia has also evolved and continues to have its fast food in this country so locals can consume various fast foods that are available such as burgers, fried chicken, pizzas, and many more. More small business in Malaysia produced their fast foods and would often go viral on social media to boost their business for marketing purposes, prompting people in our country to find their fast-food business later. 

Chicken Pepperoni Pizza Overview

Chicken pepperoni pizza is one of those flavours available and popular in a variety of pizzas. Pizza in general is already a popular fast food that everyone loves, ranging from beef pepperoni, tuna pizza, Hawaiian pizza, and many others. Pizzas are made from bread dough with the centre of the food being soft and filled with toppings. Pizzas also would have their crust either filled with different kinds of cheese or not filled at all. The ideal crust would be thin as possible for better taste. Pizza was originally a dish from Naples, Italy. Today, pizza is a well-known dish that could be enjoyed by almost everyone and loved by all. As time progresses, the well-known savoury pizza with beef pepperoni and seafood as toppings are also introduced as vegetarian pizza. Vegetarian pizza usually consists of red or green bell peppers, cheddar cheese, tomato sauce, and mushrooms as meat substitutes.

About Pizza House (JJ International Venture Sdn Bhd)

The company JJ International Venture is a private, controlled company that has been developed for approximately 5 years. It was formed in 2017. They produce all kinds of pizzas, from delectable pizzas to sweet course ones with a wide assortment of selections that consumers can choose from. Their pizzas are ready to eat and can be stored in your fridge and later reheated using an oven, microwave, or stove. The pizzas can only last for 2 – 3 days. The company was enrolled under Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia and deemed legit to operate. JJ International delivers a broad scale of pizza; some of the lists are pepperoni pizza, Bolognese pizza, banana pizza, BBQ chicken pizza, and others.  

House Pizza’s Chicken Pepperoni Pizza’s Specification(s)






 This chicken pepperoni pizza will last only for 2-3 days.



 Must keep refrigerated, do not keep the pizza in dry places.




 House Pizza’s chicken pepperoni pizza has around 8 slices of pizza.



 Your chicken pepperoni pizza comes with your usual rectangular pizza box.



 There are three sizes of chicken pepperoni pizza to choose from: regular size (9 inches), large size (12 inches) and lastly, extra – large (15 inches).




 The texture of chicken pepperoni pizza is soft, lumpy, and bready.



 Your chicken pepperoni pizza has a spicy and sweet taste as well as cheesy.


 Pizza House’s chicken pepperoni pizza contains ingredients such as dough, tomato sauce, chicken pepperoni, mushrooms, vegetables, sausage.



 This chicken pepperoni pizza is made in Malaysia.



 The ideal temperature for storing your chicken pepperoni pizza is 40 degrees F, or 4.5 °C.




 This chicken pepperoni pizza’s crust can also be chosen from three options; one is original hand – tossed, pizza house crust, and thin n crunchy.

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