Biruni Thai Black Ginger Tablets

  • 150
  • Solid tablet
  • Helps improve libido for men and women
  • 500 Milligram
  • 2 Years
  • Malaysia

Product details of Biruni Thai Black Ginger Tablets

Usage: Once received, make sure to check if the bottle is secure. No damage or open cap received or this will consider broken. Doing this can prevent consumers from eating rotten pills. If the bottle is in a good condition, make sure to check the expiry date. It is important to check the expiry date to avoid eating expired tablets.

Read the instruction on how much pill is needed to consume. Wash your hand first before taking the tablet. Make sure to eat the Thai Black Ginger pill together with plain water. Drinking plain water can help to swallow the pill easily. It is advised to drink plain water instead of other water as we did not know what is the effect of drinking other than plain water. Drink slowly to avoid choking. We do not want you to be admitted to a hospital because of choking while trying to swallow the pill!

After drinking, make sure to wash your hand with clean water.

Certification(s) and Award(s):

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Thai Black Ginger pills are 100% halal. Biruni Health Care Solution is now supplying halal health pills around the world. We would like to help as many customers as we can in improving their health. Every JAKIM procedure is done thoroughly by obeying the guideline.

  2. GMP Certified: Every tablet is checked to make sure everything is safe to be eaten. GMP certification will only be given once all the products successfully passed the test. By getting this certification, consumers can now consume our Thai Black Ginger pills without any worry.

  3. MeSTI Certified: This certification will be given to companies who manage to gain GMP certification. Basically, this certification is given by the Ministry of Health to verify the company has acquired food safety assurance system recognition.

Packaging: A minimum order of 1 x 20 feet container a client can make. It can fit around 25,000kg (about 55,115.5 lb) in one container.

However, the supplier can allow the customer to order at least one (1) x pallet (if we follow USA standard pallet sizes which are 101.6cm (about 3.33 feet) x 121.9cm (about 4 feet) and 106.7cm (about 3.5 feet) x 106.7cm) as a trial selling point and LCL (Less than Container-Load).

By doing this, the supplier can avoid any loss of profit due to the small number of orders made by customers which we want to avoid it.

Shipping: For shipping, every supplier needs to follow standard shipping procedures to avoid any mistakes while the package is delivered. By doing this, we can maintain quality services. High-quality packaging will be used to avoid bottles from damage and vice versa. Bubble wrappers, plastic wrappers, boxes and many more will be used. We prioritize customers’ positive responses and would like to gain more in order to give more towards our customers.

Storage Instruction(s): The Thai Black Ginger should be kept out of children. This will be the most important thing we should do once we received the product. Children can simply think of the Thai Black Ginger tablet as a toy. They might insert the pill in their mouth which can cause bad effects on the baby. Make sure to place it in a higher place or place where the child is unable to reach it. If they cannot grab the bottle, that means the Thai Black Ginger is stored in a safe place.

After use, close the cup tightly. This can avoid air from entering the bottles and doing damage to the product. As the shelf life is two years, we do not want you to waste your money just because you wrongly store the product. Close tightly and keep it at a dry and room temperature. By doing this, you can enjoy every pill inside the bottle.

Likewise, do read the manual given by the manufacturer to know more about how to store the Thai Black Ginger correctly.

Thai Black Ginger Tablets Overview

Consuming this product sure does give lots of benefits. The Thai Black Ginger pill can help consumers to increase their energy levels as it contains high-quality herbal extract like Black Ginger itself. Black Ginger extract act as the main ingredient for the pill. The Black Ginger tablet also uses natural ingredients which are good for increasing health conditions. The pill also gives quite a lot of vitamins and minerals needed for the body.

Not only that, this herbal supplement can improve the quality of blood flow to all main organs, especially the heart and brain. Overall, this supplement help in boosting stamina and is an ideal recommendation for anyone who is looking for a healthy consumption tablet. Last but not least, this Thai Black Ginger helps to improve someone's libido hormone as well as reduce inflammation towards the body.

One pill is needed to require every benefit stated above. So, quickly tap on the inquiry now box and chat with our agents for a future transaction.

Thai Black Ginger Tablets Specification(s)

Usage instruction(s):

1. Check if the bottle received is damaged or not.
2. Check the expiry date before consuming.
3. Once everything is good, wash your hand before taking out the pill.
4. Drink plain water to help the swallowing process.
5. Wash hands after consuming.


- Black Ginger (90%), is also known as Kaempferia Parviflora
Thai Black ginger extract is the main ingredient that provides benefits such as increasing physical fitness performance as well as increasing energy metabolism for the body.

- Habbatus Sauda (5%) also known as Nigella Sativa
Act as an agent to help with asthma, allergies, headaches, diabetes, digestive disorders, and high blood pressure.

- Ubi Jaga (5%) is also known as Smilax Myosotiflora
Provide aphrodisiac effects to consumers.

Storage instruction(s):

1. Keep away from children.
2. Place it in a higher place where children cannot reach it.
3. Close the lid tightly after use.
4. Store it in a dry and at room temperature.


- This product is a tablet type.
- Can be stored for up to two years.
- Halal certified.
- The country of origin is Malaysia.
- Can be eaten by men and women.

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