Mini Durian Cookies - 120g

  • 1 20ft container
  • Yomee
  • Crunch
  • Durian
  • ready to eat
  • 120gm x 48 bottles
  • 120 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Malaysia
  • Port of Penang

Product details of Mini Durian Cookies - 120g

Usage: Let’s take a look at the procedure on how to eat Mini Durian Cookies. In a gentle way, open the cap of the bottle and take a piece of Mini Durian Cookies produced by Youme. Take the cookies as slow as possible and be careful not to break the cookies. It is important to remind in your mind to not be greedy and careless at handling the Mini Durian Cookies because it can break the cookies. After a while, the cookies are ready to eat.

For the next cookies, take the cookies by placing the bottle on its side. Slowly, shake gently to remove the cookie out from the bottle. Stand the bottle upright again and close the bottle with the cap tightly so that the air does not enter the bottle space which can make the cookies soft and lost its crunch texture.

Mini Durian Cookies are ready to eat without the need for any additions. But it is not wrong to enjoy it with a cup of coffee or tea. It is also exciting to eat Mini Durian Cookies with your relatives and friends at any time, or anywhere.

Certification(s): A variety of Youme product cookies, including Mini Durian Cookies have received two major certifications from the Malaysian government.

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: According to standards and all Shariah laws, Youme Mini Durian cookies successfully comply with all the criteria required by Malaysian Government through Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM). Starting from processing to packaging. With this certificate, all Muslims from all over the world will not hesitate to enjoy these Mini Durian Cookies.

  2. MesTi: As one of the Program Sijil Jaminan Keselamatan Makanan (PJKM), Mini Durian Cookies from Youme Foods have received guidance in advancing PJKM which leads to the possession of the Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MesTi).

Packaging: As one of the products sold in supermarkets and mini markets, 120gm Mini Durian Cookies came with 48 bottles. For the purchase of 120gm Durian Mini Cookies, it must be purchased in a total of 48 bottles in one batch.

Mini Durian Cookies come in a long, air tight plastic bottle so that the quality of the cookies is guaranteed and remains in its crunchy texture, and it is easy to be carried anywhere.

Mini Durian Cookies Overview

There's never gone wrong when it comes to Mini Durian Cookies. Its crunchy and easy-to-eat texture will make you addicted to eating it again and again besides its delicious and pleasant taste.

Made naturally and 100% pure from the King of Fruits, Durian, Mini Durian Cookies are perfectly made for those of you who want to taste the delicious taste of Durian in the form of snacks produced by Youme.

Nowadays, durian is at a high price due to the fact that it only bears fruit according to the season, making it a high demand in the market. This initiative from Youme will give you the same taste as real Durian.

Youme's 120gm Mini Durian Cookies Specification(s)

- Ready to eat
- Fragile cookies
- Easy to be carried anywhere

Ideally Served:

- Best consumed on its own, or with a cup of tea or coffee.

What can you do with the remaining bottle when the Durian Cookies are finished?

Casually, people tend to burn up bottles, or throw away the bottle waste straight into the trash bin, river, or at open space such as fields and parks. However, actually, there are a lot of things that you can do with the bottle waste. By doing these things, it can beneficially save your money, energy and time. Some of the ways on how to reuse the Mini Durian Cookies bottles are:

  1. Make it as a temporary or permanent vase
    - Simply cut into half and put soil in the lower part of the bottle. Next, put any seed of your favourite plant and water it every day. For the upper part, it can be used as a vase as well by placing it directly on the ground and let the plants grow through the cap hole.

  2. Make it as a pencils, crayons or stationery case
    - Carefully cut the top not more than half of the bottle and put your stationery inside. For better use, put as much as you can to make the bottle stay stable and steady.

  3. Refill with other cookies
    - It’s a regular situation that always happens when you want to keep leftover cookies to make it stay fresh, but you don’t have any cookie container. Exactly! This is the perfect time for you to use the Mini Durian Cookies bottle to refill all your leftover cookies. With its hermetic function, you don’t have to panic about the cookies’ quality.

You can always recycle the Mini Durian Cookies Bottle by throwing it into the recycle bin that is available in your area. By doing this, it keeps the cleanliness of the environment and of course, makes you a better person than others.

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