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About Us

Thongpoon Foodhas run Dried Longan business since 1999. We have grown, dried, processed and packaged only the finest and freshest dried Longan and Lychee. Our home office is situated in Lamphun, Thailand, the prime growing regions and tastiest Longan of Thailand. From fresh crop, we manufacture each year over 80 tons of dried longan and dried Lychee. Thongpoon Food has grown into the largest independent dried fruit processor in Lamphun. From the dried Longan, we process into four different kinds of snack--Golden Dried Longan Meat in AAA, AA, A, and B grade, Brown Longan Bar, Brown Dried Longan Meat, and Dried Longan Ball. Our dried fruits are all natural and do not contain preservatives or added sugar, artificial colors or flavors With today health-conscious age, Dried Longan is regarded as prime ingredient of up to now traditional Chinese medicine. Thongpoon Food Company has positioned us as the leading company in Thailand in providing nutrition Thai dried fruit through worldwide family.

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