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About Us

Through its innovations, P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd is making a contribution to healthy and sustainable food and to meeting the expectations of consumers who want more control of their balanced diet and to vary their sources of calories.

Loved by Malaysians – and sought after by health enthusiasts – our unique nano sugar continues to inspire to this day. The unique size of our P3 Sweetener is as distinctive as the taste of the sugar itself. P3 Sweetener release their sweetness with precision, offering a fresh intensity and clean taste to enhance any dish. People everywhere love P3 Sweetener. Always a pinch of inspiration.

P3 Sweetener, which arose out of close collaboration between our R&D, marketing and sales teams, boast 5 times the sweetening power, maintaining the taste, appearance and texture of food and drink products, yet zero calories.
We’ve been making our Malaysia famous P3 Sweetener, the finest quality sugar, since 2013. That‘s a long time and a lot of sugar for a company that’s creator of a globally recognised brand. We then package them and send them out throughout Malaysia. But it doesn’t end there. We take it upon ourselves to inspire those in the hospitality industry plus each individual, wherever they may be, to enjoy P3 Sweetener with passion every day, taking the simple to the extraordinary. Whatever we do, we do it with passion.

P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd is a food technology company wholly owned by Bumiputra. principally involved in research & development, testing, formula and product development and also involved in Sales and Marketing of our innovative Products. P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd develops and distributes our own Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sweetener brand, P3 Sweetener, and beverage brand, P3, through a leading network comprising of 200 distributors and shopping malls and hypermarkets nationwide.

P3 Sweetener focuses on safe, efficacious and affordable sweetener products which achieves proven results and are manufactured in countries such as

P3  focuses on the finest instant chocolate malt drink and instant German roast coffee, sweetened by our very own P3 Sweetener.  

P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd also offers customizations on corporate gifts, door gifts, wedding gifts and other gifts that will dispense love and good fortune to every one of your recipients. We offer customization on corporate gifts, generic hampers, door gifts, anniversary gifts, festive gifts,birthday gifts,wedding gifts and other gifts that will dispense love and good fortune to every one of your recipients. We can customise the design and the package type to your liking.

Established in early 2013, P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd constantly expands and diversifies its product portfolio to meet customer needs and to manage the supply and demand for Sugar Substitutes in the dynamic market. In addition to working to better meet consumers' expectations,  P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd strives to anticipate changing market needs in order to maintain its position as market leader. P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd is well-positioned to further strengthen its global footprint and ultimately reach out to even more customers around the world. At P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd, the safety of our products for you is essential. P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd's sweetener and beverage products meet the international quality and safety standards of Halal, ISO9001 and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). 
P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd is an essential product for diabetic patients and sugar-relevant diseases. It is intentionally introduced to the market with the purpose to allow consumers a better option in consuming sugar.

Our mission is to present an important message to the citizens in Malaysia about the risk of consuming sugar from our daily meals that will harm the body  and supporting government campaign “Bahayanya penggunaan gula berlebihan kepada kesihatan” that held by the Health Ministry of Malaysia

Our Product Highlights

80% Lower Calories Than Ordinary Sugar
Delicious With Additional Benefits
Zero Calories
More Chocolate Flavor

Company Overview

    • Business Type
    • Distributor/Wholesaler
    • Year Established
    • 2013
    • Main Products
    • P3 German Roast Coffee,P3 NanoSugar,P3 Cocao ,P3 Sweetener Liquid Drop
    • No. of Employees
    • Less than 10
    • Target Markets
    • International
    • Contract Manufacturing
    • -
    • Main Markets
    • Southeast Asia
    • Annual Revenue
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