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i-Young Sheep Placenta Complex focus on cell therapy which is very effective against signs of body aging. Aging is the result of an accumulation of damage to molecules, cells and tissues, leading to loss of function and increased risk of death. i-Young Sheep Placenta Complex will slow down the aging process and recover the body health, physical strength and vitality by cell therapy. The major body changes that you able to delay or even prevent by choosing the right supplementation. The secret to staying young is eating the right food and supplementation. i-Young Sheep Placenta Complex which contained 12,000mg of fresh sheep placenta which extracted from New Zealand carefully bred sheep (ovine) in clean environment and away from pollutants. Sheep are considered by scientists to be the best donor animals for placenta because they are resilient with superior immune systems and naturally resistant to diseases. Sheep proteins are particularly compatible with the human body, as they trigger no known immune defence reactions or adverse side effects. Sheep placental active cells stimulate our body repair, rejuvenate and renew cells which not only help boost your immune system, hormone balance, detox your liver, blood and other major organs, also good for your skin as well as myriad of supporting functions.

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