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About Us

Since 1908, Amoy Canning has had a reputation for food quality. Over the years, people have always found its products tasty and good. It has grown to be a part of Singapore and its culture, with the trust built up over the years always hinging on its consistency of quality. The reliability and easy acceptability of the Amocan name means you don't think twice about reaching for it in shops. After more than 50 years in Singapore, consumers here are very comfortable with the brand and know Amocan is a promise you can depend on. A major portion of Amocan products that roll out of its factory are exported. So whenever you are hungry in a faraway land and crave curry in a hurry, Amocan is always within easy reach. Amocan products are widely available in supermarkets and shops in Singapore. After more than 50 years here, the brand has a reputation for high quality food and enjoys widespread consumer acceptance. To reinforce consumer awareness and share recipe ideas, Amoy Canning collaborates with supermarkets to get the Amocan brand actively involved through in-house promotions and demonstrations. Internationally, the Amocan brand is promoted at trade fairs, trade missions and in various publications to forge links with export markets. Amoy Canning is always forward looking, considering new product ideas to add to its already impressive product line, sensing changing tastes of customers and coming up with new and healthier products to suit the taste buds, moods and lifestyles of an ever-changing market.

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    • Manufacturer
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    • Curry Chicken,Curry Beef,Curry Mutton,Rendang Chicken
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